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Noble & Main - A Cartersville, GA Roaster

I discovered Noble & Main by connecting directly with an associate of the roastery, Chris Delay. Chris is not only a coffee virtuoso, Chris is a Georgia outdoor enthusiast and mountain bike ripper so naturally we crossed paths a few times at the Martha's Outpost trailer. At a recent Jarrod's Place (where Chris was a former trail builder) event, we had a chance to take a deeper dive into a selection of roast. I'm always grateful when experts like Chris share their coffee IQ. Noble & Main is a premium roaster in a part of the state where we don't have as many roasters (at least compared to the City or Eastern Georgia). We're fortunate to have a premium option for locally roasted coffee that delivers, offers a roasters club and is conveniently located off HWY 75 in downtown Cartersville. If you can, stop into the café, enjoy a cup directly from their bar and take home a bag (or two) for your home brewing.

So far, although I look forward to getting back to the café and purchasing all the roast offered, I've enjoyed their House Blend, Two Brothers, Finca Terrerito and Lima Coffees (Peru).

The House Blend is a combination of Honduras, Peru and Sumatra. We really enjoyed this as a daily, wake-up and go roast. It paired well with whatever was breakfast that day but had that satisfying full coffee aroma. The other three roast I brewed using the pour over method but the House Blend I used in a traditional drip method and it really delivered a quality cup for the ease of roast. The café uses this roast as their 'go-to' for espresso. The roaster notes are black cherry, graham cracker and cacao nibs. I thought the graham cracker note was spot on. Who knows, this might just become you're weekly brew with it's great flavor and ease of drinkability.

A premium option is Two Brothers (get it while they have it!). Two Brothers is a coffee lovers coffee; it hits you right when you open the bag. Not super heavy but really unique and enjoyable experience. The story behind Two Brothers is exactly what makes coffee so personable! Alex (20) and Danio (22) Naranjo are family farmers in Colombia who are executing new techniques to elevate their harvest. Located in an area of Columbia where commercial coffee is the standard, these brothers are stepping outside the norm to provide an elevated offering. The Two Brothers roast is a single origin that is harvested at its ripest and then placed in a tank until the next morning. Once removed from the tank, it is de-pulped and placed into fermentation for 180 hours followed by an 8-10 day drying. This is a semi-washed processed bean with extended fermentation. Noble & Main has brought something very exclusive to Georgia through the Two Brothers roast. I didn't go through all my roast of the Two Brothers because it's definitely a treat and something I want to share with guest or for the right post-meal pairing.

The Peru, offering out of the Lima Coffees Cooperative, could become your go-to camp coffee and back porch sipper. The roasting notes are cocoa, almond and tarragon. I wasn't super familiar with tarragon but did a quick google search on the perennial herb. It might be a stretch but we thought this was the more earthy of the roast we had and it might be a tie back to the tarragon. The Peru might be the right option for you if you want a traditional coffee taste but looking for something different. It was earthy but not in a gritty way - it was refreshing with hearty tones.

The Finca Terrerito was our most familiar roast, being from Honduras and sharing the same farm from our 'house' roaster, Alma Coffee. We're big fans of the Honduras farm which has it's direct ties with Canton, GA. This harvested coffee in distributed through a Georgia owned distributor and a roasted by a Georgia roaster so it's a win/win. The roaster notes are pomegranate, chocolate and honey. It was the sweeter of the samples we had but by no means designated as a dessert roast. This premium coffee easily could be a daily drink of choice. We know Finca Terrerito is certified organic so you're getting a premium product in this roast.

Noble & Main is exactly what our area needed, a personable and creative café and roaster that continues to elevate Georgia coffee. Our experience with the brand has been incredibly welcoming and we look forward to continually supporting their growth. If you don't live in Cartersville, this gives you a reason to spend a morning or afternoon in their growing down town and possibly do some hiking on the other side of 75 at Pine Mountain, one of our favorite area quick hikes.

Consider joining the Noble & Main Roasters Club:

Visit the Noble & Main café: 145 W Main St., Cartersville, GA 30120

Follow Noble & Main on Instagram at: @nobleandmain

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