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It Started with a journey to Martha's Vineyard

After returning from WWII, our grandfather Joe Clements, pursued his passionate for art and developed a specialty in watercolor landscapes. Joe began traveling the US to paint, frequently visiting Martha's Vineyard to paint coastal landscapes.

Joe's desire to chase his passion, to seek destination and to surround himself with like-minded enthusiasts is the embodiment of Martha's Outpost.

Martha's Outpost is made to Fuel the Doer. With our mobile coffee trailer, Martha's Outpost serves the outdoor recreational community in Georgia with quality coffee, tea and healthy snacks.  

Fast forward from the 1960's to now and we come into the picture...David and Monica Chaney - founders of Martha's Outpost.  With a career background in Sports Marketing , we have attended countless recreational events.  We have a heart for the amateur athlete who participates for the joy of progression and community involvement. 

Regardless of the sport or art, passionate communities are made up of exceptional individuals. We want to support all doers throughout their progress. 

If we're not serving you coffee, we'll see you on the trail during a family hike, bike or paddle!   

Joe_Clements_painting photo.png

Joe Clements living out his passion.  Painting on the shores at Martha's Vineyard, 1960's


Joe Clements, Martha's Vineyard 1960's

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