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In 2018, Harry and Leticia Hutchins (H & L) founded Alma Coffee with the idea of making Direct Trade coffee accessible to everyone. Although Alma Coffee may be a few years old, our story began over five generations ago in the remote mountains of Honduras where Leticia, a fifth generation coffee farmer, was (quite literally) born to be in the coffee industry. Her father and co-founder, Al Lopez, was born and raised in coffee farms in Honduras before immigrating to the United States; Growing up, Al kept the family coffee farming legacy alive by taking Leticia to visit the family coffee farms every year in Copan, Honduras! 

From the Founders: 

We founded Alma on the same 3 key pillars in which our farms were based on: improving lives, sustainability practices, and extraordinary coffee. Improving Lives is something that the Alma team practices every day in every community we touch. At our farm, we employ and provide suitable living conditions for over 250 coffee pickers during harvest season. At our roastery, each team member is a member of our family, and we hope to be their lifelong career path or a crucial stepping stone to achieving their career goals. We are constantly in search of more Sustainable Practices, which is why we chose the state-of-the-art Loring Smart Roaster, the first in the state of Georgia! Not only is it USA made out of Santa Rosa, California, but it is the most fuel-efficient roaster on the market, producing 80% less emissions as opposed to other conventional roasters. Extraordinary Coffee is the fruit of our labor. With so many options in the specialty coffee industry, we distinguish ourselves by being able to control the quality of our coffee from the time it is planted at our farms until the moment you drink your perfect cup. When you make the choice to drink Alma Coffee, you make the choice to directly support coffee farmers and make a positive impact on the industry we all love. 

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Who is Alma?

If you’re wondering who Alma is, you aren’t alone. Alma actually translates to ”Soul” in Spanish. We chose this name for a few reasons: Its direct translation to the word “soul” fully encompasses the heart and soul that we put into our coffee — not just from us but also from the generations before us. In addition to being a female noun in Spanish, our name pays homage to women who, despite being greatly underrepresented, play a vital role in the coffee industry. Being proudly women owned ourselves, it is our responsibility to represent their hard work and dedication. 


Martha's Coffee is a proud partner of Alma Coffee, a family owned farm that is USDA Certified Organic, certified Shade Grown Bird Friendly, certified Con Manos  de Mujeres and certified Fair Trade TSA. 

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