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Got Questions...we got answers!

  • What does Martha's Coffee offer on-site at events?
    We specialize in great tasting drip and cold brew coffee. In addition we offer specialty coffee drinks, hot and cold brew tea. We have an assortment of reusable drinkware along with our Martha's Coffee apparel.
  • How do I get Martha's Coffee at my event?
    Just ask! It would also be nice if you sent us the information listed below at 1. Event 2. Audience/Activity (paddle, bike, run, adventure, etc.) 3. Event Date 4. Location 5. Estimated number of participants 6. Are you anticipating spectators at the event?
  • Does Martha's Coffee roast their own coffee?
    No, Martha's Coffee is not a roaster. Martha's has partnered with Land of a Thousand Hills, a premium coffee supplier that has partnered, beyond fair trade, to help support a community of farmers in Rwanda. We have a heart for the caring work that is happening in Rwanda through this collaboration and we wanted to get involved!
  • Is Martha's Coffee a coffee trailer?
    Currently, Martha's Coffee is serviced through a pop-up activation. On-site we are full drip coffee service under a Martha's branded tent. Once on site, it take us ~30 minutes to be ready to serve.
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